AssistMed, Inc. is dedicated to the use of information technology to create elegant solutions that improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of medical practice. The company’s products and services facilitate provider adoption while improving quality, streamlining workflow, and reducing costs. AssistMed’s integrated SaaS platforms- Duet and Trio- include: CCHIT-certified Electronic Health Record, Practice Management System, Digital Pen & Forms, Patient Portal, Patient Adherence, Dictation with Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing, and Transcription & Editing Services. AssistMed Duet™ allows you to take dictation and handwritten data and transform it for use in digital applications including EHRs, practice management and billing systems. Whether you dictate or use written forms, AssistMed Duet can capture your clinical data easily and accurately. True data portability starts with our platform’s ability to process speech and handwriting through our backend recognition, editing and coding technologies. Automated delivery of interoperable data types to your accounting, clinical and reporting systems is the key to maximizing your productivity and eliminating wasteful overhead.

Our CCHIT certified electronic health records system with integrated practice management is designed to let providers practice medicine without having to completely re-engineer their process or waste time and energy learning complicated keystroke combinations in order to document a patient encounter. With AssistMed Trio™ your organization will be thrilled with all of the options available for viewing, creating and publishing clinical data.

Immediate productivity will help foster rapid adoption helping your team meet meaningful use criteria easily and quickly. Its SaaS (software-as-a-service) architecture means low total cost of ownership for you with zero capital investment and no additional maintenance fees. Guaranteed uptime and 7/24 support keeps you and your team productive and worry-free. The feature set is rich yet flexible. The system can be easily customized to meet the particular needs of specialties and practices; even individual physicians can be accommodated within a larger deployment. Trio is not one size fits all but rather a tailored approach to ensuring every provider gets what they need to serve their patients and meet the regulatory and business needs of their practice. Patient noncompliance is as old as the practice of medicine itself.

Throughout history, providers have struggled with getting patient to adhere to the prescribed plan-of-care, often with little success. In these times the problem has been greatly amplified by the advent of complex, costly drug therapies, the emergence of a complicated and fragmented health care delivery network, and the typical difficulties patients face navigating through their daily lives. Patient noncompliance, defined as a patient’s failure to follow an agreed-upon prescribed plan of care, is a significant health problem, costing the U.S. healthcare system upwards of $177 billion annually. With more than half of all patients assumed to be noncompliant, over 125,000 deaths each year are attributed to poor adherence. Twenty-one percent of all prescriptions are never dispensed, and 40% are never refilled. AssistMed’s Patient Adherence Solutions are designed expressly to empower stakeholders to extend and maintain continuous influence over the ambulatory patient, delivering personalized care instructions, promoting medication compliance and persistency, facilitating variance monitoring and timely interventions, reducing operational costs, and improving outcomes and revenue predictability.