GCI offers a full spectrum of Healthcare IT modules, services and solutions from finance and accounting and supply chain management to the electronic health record, and much more. GCI’s suite of clinical systems provides healthcare professionals with the best of tools to perform their work effectively and efficiently. Its comprehensive fully paperless environment improves patient safety while facilitating successful outcomes.

GCI’s solutions are fully integrated from the examining room, pharmacy and laboratory to the accounting department and the executive suite. Today’s’ healthcare settings demand exceptional flexibility in clinical and business process flows while working seamlessly in a standards-driven environment.

Customizations and configurations of our systems avoid the convoluted and time-consuming processes necessary with most systems. Our comprehensive, fully interoperable approach allows us to fulfill unique client needs quickly.

We use modular plug-n-play concepts throughout our systems, making our deliverables easy to deploy and maintaining tranquility in the client environment before, during and after we complete our installation. We relentlessly strive to facilitate efficient and effective clinical and business processes made possible by our in-depth domain knowledge coupled with state-of-the-art, end-to-end IT solutions.

We continuously integrate best-of-breed solutions from our broad-spectrum global practice, allowing us to maintain state-of-the-art systems on an ongoing basis, while avoiding interference with your workflow. Our business model provides for seamless upgrades and reconfigurations throughout our engagement. Our applications are built on industry standards and fully interoperable between ICD-9 and ICD-10, CPT coding, and drug databases.

Our clients find us ahead of them in meeting the industry-demanding challenges that weigh them down in areas of clinical outcomes and operational efficiency.

GCI systems are fully interoperable with any industry standard third party applications. Should there be a need for our applications to work with other legacy systems, GCI in-house integration tools are always at hand to provide easy solutions to ensure that a fully integrated environment is achieved and maintained.